Spring Tulip Painting Tutorial

The weather this last few days has really picked up here, we have clear skies and sunshine. The flowers in my garden have started to bloom. Blossom on the trees, proud and tall daffodils, little purple crocuses. Spring is such a beautiful time of year where nature begins to reawaken after the cold dead winter. Spring feels like starting a fresh. It always feels like such a relief for me when we turn that seasonal corner.

Recently I have been buying a lot of tulips to decorate my home with. My local shop sells them relatively cheaply and I love their pretty flowers and bold stems. Such an easy seasonal way to brighten up our shelves.

This spring tulip painting tutorial is a lovely crafty way to bring a bit of tulip inspired spring into your home.


  • A square white canvas

  • A selection of paint brushes

  • A selection of acrylic paints  (red, white, blue, green, brown and black)

  • Water

  • A palette


Step One - Using a photo as a guide if you need to, sketch onto your canvas your composition. If you will struggle with this part try printing your photograph and drawing round the shapes of the flowers with a marker to highlight the shapes for you. An an example of this technique can be found in my sunflower painting tutorial.

I have chosen to simplify each tulip here, reducing them to just 3 petals each and a few leaves.


Step Two - Neatly paint the petals pink with a small brush.


Step Three - Next mix a light leaf colour green and neatly paint the stems and leaves of your tulips. I think it looks best if you vary the shade of green slightly on the stems and then the leaves to offer a bit of contrast here. Experiment and find what you personally like.


Step Four - Mix a pale blue for the sky and paint the top majority of the remaining white canvas. Wet your brush frequently here. Leave a section at the bottom unpainted for the foliage.


Step Five - To fill the bottom of the canvas take a selection of green, brown and white paint. Dip your brush into your paint and dab it point down repeatedly on your painting. Mix the white with your green and brown to create different shades.


Step Six - Take a clean dry brush and dip it lightly in white paint. Drag the brush roughly all over your blue background leaving a rough textured effect. I know, right now you probably feel like you are ruining your painting. Don't worry, this layer will just add a bit of depth to the sky later on.


Step Seven - Now to add some contrast to your tulip flower heads. Mix a pink that is darker then the shade of your petals by adding a bit more red to it. Paint this colour on your petals sparingly where the petals meet each other, to the base of the flower head and in the center. Take a lighter pink and white and add highlights where the sun would be catching the tips of the petals


Step Eight -  To finish the sky mix a light blue paint, mix this with plenty of water on your brush to dilute the paint and paint onto the existing blue area in a wash. Repeat this until you have good coverage.


Step Nine - Finally with a light pink  paint add a few distant flowers into the background with a small brush. If you wish you could also add  few black and bold shadows to make your tulips pop out from the background, although this isn't necessary if you would prefer a more subtle look.


Your painting is now ready to hang on your wall or to sit brightening up your shelves. A touch of spring to make you smile all day long.

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