Easy Abstract Circle Art

For me painting is the perfect relaxation. Sitting quietly by myself with my paints creating washes or drawing lines gives me a great chance to practice mindfulness. I find automatic mark making very therapeutic. I often hear people share that they wish to make art but they do not feel that they have the skill. Perhaps you can relate to that?  Perhaps you would like to try to paint but that little niggling voice of self doubt stops you before you have even picked up a brush.  I strongly believe that you do not need to create something technical or complicated to access the benefits of artistic mark making. Anybody can make art if they just let themselves try.

I am always keen to find ways to encourage creativity in people and especially in those that do not believe that they are  artists. This abstract circle painting is really simple and easy to create even for those who insist that they are not creative. It would look lovely framed on wall or given as a gift to a loved one. Try it and you may surprise yourself.


  • A sheet of watercolour paper

  • A set of watercolour paints

  • A brush

  • A pencil

  • 2 or more circular objects of different diameters

Step One: Place one of your circular objects (a bowel or glass would work great) down on the paper and draw round it lightly with a pencil. Repeat this several times over the page


Step Two: Continue as with step one but this time with your second circular object. Make sure that the circles that you are drawing overlap in places linking your design together.


Your page should now look similar to mine below.


Step Three: Now try to see your sketch as a big circular colouring in page. Wet your brush and select a colour. Begin painting each segment on your page with your watercolours.  Be as neat or as messy as you like. For a bold, controlled look paint directly onto the dry page. For a lighter, looser wash effect try painting your circles with water first before adding the paint. Experiment and have fun - after all you can always start again if you are not happy.

Paint each separate shape on your page a different colour to the one next to it. I find it is quite nice to leave a small white border between each colour to make each shape stand out. To create a vibrant colourful painting select as many different colours as possible or if you wish you could limit your palette to three or four colours. How would this painting look using different shades of the same colour? The choice is yours.

Step Four: Once finished you can take an eraser and carefully rub out the pencil line guides to neaten up your painting to finish.


How did you get on? Tweet me your finished abstract circle paintings to @jmpartmama. I would love to see them.

Try this tutorial later. Pin it.