10 Beautifully Simple Watercolour Tutorials

Recently I have been experimenting with a little set of watercolour paints, the results of which, so far, can be found here and here. I love the delicate nature of this medium and the lovely wash like effects you can create. There is so much scope in watercolour and so much room for creativity and experimentation.

Here is a selection of simple yet beautifully effective watercolour tutorials I have enjoyed over the past few weeks. All of these tutorials are easy to follow and act as a perfect introduction to painting with watercolours.

Firstly an inspiring and basic leaf tutorial from Lucy Akins on ehow. This tutorial is very simple, the technique is very effective and is perfect for beginners.

A beautiful flower tutorial from a piece of rainbow. This is a personal favourite of mine. The design taught here can be easily achieved by a beginner, is eye catching and professional looking once finished.


This simple stencil tutorial from Grow Creative is great fun and could easily be adapted as a children's art activity.

A highly effective splatter watercolour tree tutorial from Lyndsey Bugbee at the postman knocks. The technique to creating these trees is super easy, plenty of fun and ideal for anyone, even someone who is adamant that they just can not create art.

Another cute tutorial from Grow Creative, this time teaching you how to paint a lovely watercolour pineapple. This tutorial is one from a series of watercolour fruit tutorials all simple and easily explained. A great set to work your way through.

Here is a highly creative watercolour bloom tutorial by Alsia Burke. Contemporary in style this tutorial walks you through creating a bright and vibrant bloom of flowers that will really stand out.


A super simple calligraphy tutorial from Melissa Esplin that teaches you how to add the perfect touch to letters and greeting cards.

Here is a delicate flower tutorial by Anna Maria Locke published on a postman knocks. This tutorial teaches you how to paint single, or if you wish bunches of ornate flowers and floral patterns. Ideal for wedding invitations.

Beautifully simple and creative landscape and cityscape paintings by the artist women. Perfect for documenting your holiday or your travels in an art journal.

And finally a lovely positive and negative flower shape tutorial by Susie Short. This easy to follow tutorial guides you through painting a delicate countryside flower bed. This one is a little more complicated but still relatively simple and beautifully effective. A must for anybody wishing to sharpen their traditional watercolour painting skills.


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