Work In Progress:Spring Blossom

Unfortunately I am not finding much time to paint recently. I am heavily pregnant now, only 3 1/2 weeks to go, and exhausted. Any energy I do have spare often gets spent playing with my toddler. All the time I usually try and squeeze in a bit of creativity is taken up with catching up on some rest instead.

Since having children I have found it increasingly difficult to pursue my interests. I struggle to find a workable balance between my passions, being a mum and the daily chores. Due to the reality of having a new baby I am probably about to enter a period of time where my interests fall to the wayside again. Unlike last time though I am ok with this. I will find time again in the future and I will be able to paint when I can.

I did however start a new painting a couple of weeks ago during a rare moment of energy and inspiration. Inspired by a photograph I took last spring, the painting is of a branch from a beautiful tree beginning to sprout its pretty spring blossom.

I sketched out the composition for my new painting last week and yesterday began adding a watercolour base.


I have been trying to become more fluid and loose with my brush strokes. It feels important to me to allow the marks I place on the page to take a form of their own opposed to being so thoughtfully controlled. This emotive way of painting is something I enjoy with acrylic or oil paints but have struggled for one reason or another to really incorporate into my mixed media work. It is defiantly an area of painting I wish to improve on.


After laying down a loose watercolour base I began reworking the painting with Inktense pencils. This allows me to focus on some finer details and areas of bolder more intense colours


Here is how I left the painting. There is still a lot of work to do and at the minute the painting, I feel, is looking quite messy. I am sure that will improve as I continue to work on top of the piece with new layers and finer detail.