Work In Progress December

I am sitting here taking a quick tea break from painting and I thought it would be nice to share with you the paintings I am currently working on.

Recently I have realised that I am more productive in the time I have set aside each week for painting if I work on several pieces at the same time. This is new to me because previously I have always stuck with one painting until I was happy with it and then moved on to another piece. I am loving the flexibility of working in this new way. I currently have 6 paintings that are in progress all at different stages. I move quite rapidly though them jumping to the next painting as soon as I feel a sense of being unsure, stuck or if I have excess colour left on my palette I feel I could use else where.

I am feeling very positive about moving forward with my artistic practice in 2017. I am still enjoying exploring shape, colour and line in my work particularly in relation to expressing emotion and representing controlled thought and I am aiming to expand on this over the new year. I have been collecting textures and papers that I feel are interesting or joyful with the intention of trying some collages. I also have plans to launch an online shop right here on my website this year so please watch this space.

Here are a few of the paintings I currently have on my easel.