Work In Progress and a Jack O Lanton

I have been very distracted recently by a huge number of day to day tasks and commitments that have been leaving me with very little time to blog or create (ha, what's new ey?).  Fig has gone from a, "I am happy to sleep all day mummy," baby to a, "never, ever put me down again mummy," baby and sadly she seems to hate my array of baby carriers and slings. Bear is a typical, full of energy, "I must be occupied at all times," toddler and our big house move out of the city has had, yet again, more complications and stressful delays. I am trying to find the time to sit and paint but right now life responsibilities are well and truly getting in the way.

Over the last few weeks I have managed to squeeze in the odd quick doodle or play with my materials. I have been enjoying experimenting with simple colours, shapes and patterns such as this dotty watercolour piece. It is quite nice to get out my paints when I get out art materials for Bear, although I never dare get out any artwork I am working on that has any value to me in case of spillages and wondering toddler paintbrushes.

I have also been working some more on this painting of the beautiful echinacea flower. You can see some early stages in this paintings progress here.

Mostly I have added a watercolour wash to the piece and have been working back into it with inktense pencils, pen and acrylic paint. At the moment I am quite unsure about the composition of the painting and I am thinking about cropping it somewhere - or perhaps not, I feel so undecided. What do you think?

Sometimes I worry that periods of low productivity will kill my creativity. I feel like I have a lot of plans and ideas for my artistic practice but moving forward is a very slow and drawn out process with many ideas needing to be shelved for a time without small children in tow, I try and combat this by dedicating time each week to make art with my kids. I always have time to encourage creativity in Bear.

Bear seems to have a keen interest in painting and sticking recently. We have been making suncatchers and, "king hats," and, "autumn trees." He really enjoyed painting a Jack-O'Lanton for Halloween. We scraped out the insides together, I calved the face and then Bear spent a long time painting and decorating him. He was so excited about his, "pumpcake" and has been showing it off to any visitors that have stopped by. Making with my boy definitely helps ease my creative frustrations right now.