Watercolour Pattern And Echinacea Sketching

This last month seems to have flown by in one hectic crazy blur. Things are happening here right now, big life changing things. We are still settling in to life with our new baby and at the same time we are close to buying our first home and leaving the city behind. Now is a time of big transition in our lives and it feels both exciting and overwhelming. The little spare time I have is often taken up with much needed rest and recovery.

In the little bit of time I do find each week to pick up my pens, pencils and paints I have been experimenting with repetitive pattern. The quick watercolour pattern pictured was inspired by an image of red onion cells looked at under a microscope (although the cells in my painting ended up far more rounded then the onion cells that inspired them). I have since worked back into the piece with Inktense pencils and acrylic paint.

I am also currently working on a painting inspired by the beautiful echinacea flower I photographed at Arnot Hill last month.  I am quite excited about this one. So far I have sketched my composition ready to start painting in a watercolour base. I am hoping to incorporate some of the patterns I have been experimenting with into this painting, perhaps in the background merging into the structures in the image. I will see where the mood takes me when the time comes I guess, whenever that will be.

Here is my initial sketch so far. I look forward to sharing this piece with you as it progresses.