This last month I have been feeling increasingly inspired by shape. The more I try and be mindful as I go about my day the more I seem to notice the shapes of the objects around me.  The circular fruit bowel against the square chair. The triangular clothes pegs. In particular I have been paying attention to lines and considering their impact on the images that I make.

Maps is painted mixed media using acrylics, inks and pencil. The inspiration for the grids in this painting came from the satellite images that I look at on my television each day. We have a chrome cast attached to the TV that when not in use shows a gallery of images - mostly paintings and photographs. From above sections of the world really look like abstracted paintings. Large man made geometric structures and grid like agriculture situated in organic curved nature. I find the juxtaposition of the two thought provoking. Our signature on the world often looks jarring and uncomfortable yet is often beautiful in its own right.