In my Sketchbook #2

After promising myself a couple of months ago that I would commit myself to keeping and finishing sketchbooks I finally seem to have succeeded. Sketch-booking for me has become an easy way to squeeze a bit more art into my day. It doesn't matter what happens in them, if the marks I make are good or bad. It doesn't matter if I start a page and never finish it or if Bear wants to scribble along with me too.

Currently I have 3 sketchbooks in process. One large A3 messy book for mixed media and abstract expression. One hardback A6 book for pens and illustration - practicing finer details and one small A6 paperback that is I carry everywhere with me. I have been sketch-booking in cafes, at the park, on the train. I don't know what I was so scared about before. I just had to get past the first few pages. It turns out I love sketch-booking.

Here are some pages from my current sketchbooks...