New Geometric Abstracts


This month I have felt increasingly inspired by shape and line.  Last months "Maps" painting has started me on a journey  exploring geometric form in my art. Set against the background of expressive mark making straight lines and geometric shapes create an interesting juxtaposition. It feels to me like it visually represents a common struggle, man made vs nature, emotion vs logic, free play vs structure. I am enjoying experimenting with first simple shame and now increasingly complex structures in a variety of mediums., particularly with ink, watercolours and acrylics.

A few weeks ago I discovered these beautiful geometric movement photographs by Gheyber Gutierrez.  I love his use of line in his work. Influenced by these images I have been taking photographs I have taken of my children and drawing a series of shapes and triangles over their bodies in photoshop before then sitting down with my materials and painting the photograph heavily abstracted  focusing on the triangulated forms and blocks of colour. My painting, "Evie Sleeping" the first painting I have finished that started with this process and it is something I am definitely going to continue to use moving forward to offer me a starting point and increased meaning in my abstracts.

I have been encouraging Bear to paint with me regularly this month- mostly in my sketchbooks but occasionally, if he wishes on my final pieces. The result is often interesting and I adds a carefree element to my paintings. I feel so pleased to have found this way of making art with him and to have over come any hangs up I once had about letting him paint on my work. I still get a hint of anxiety when he comes over and asks to paint when I am working on a final image but I have been trying to embrace that, let my fear go and say, "sure". So far I haven't disliked anything he has added but if I did, perhaps that is just how that painting was meant to be.