My blog has been slow recently. We have welcomed a new addition into our house and therefore, once again, we are immersed in the depths of new parenting.  I haven't completely disappeared however. I have been trying to write, blog and paint when I can. Snippets of creativity here and there amongst the broken sleep, dirty nappies and baby cuddles . Important moments for myself currently few and far between.

Here is a selection of photographs of my current work in progress.

The painting is inspired by a beautiful purple flag iris I photographed on a trip for a wedding to Amberley in West Sussex a few months ago.


Firstly I sketched out the composition for the painting using the photograph as a guide. I then added a watercolour base to lay down some initial colour. Since then I have begun to work back into the artwork with further watercolour, ink pencil and pen aiming to create depth and add detail.

There is still a lot of work to be done but slowly the piece is coming together. I am looking forward to sharing with you the finished painting once it is finished.