Finding My Inspiration Again

Last spring I was fully embracing myself as artist. I was painting several times a week, my studio walls were full of vibrant paintings in progress and inspirational colour palettes and imagery. I was planning on opening my online shop shortly, I had art fairs booked and I was feeling motivated on a slow but steady path to my goals. Then came the surprise but very wanted positive pregnancy test and within a week I was sick and sick I stayed. You can read more about my experience of hyperemesis gravidarum here. My practice and everything that came with it needed to be shelved until further notice while I focused on the basics. Once Ella was born getting back into the flow of things has been difficult. A newborn baby takes most of your time and being one of three under five energy for much else is often minimal. 

Once the sickness had gone I enjoyed this enforced break from creating. That overwhelming need to make art disappeared and I felt for the first time perhaps truly complete as mother. The need to make however has gradually been creeping back in and now I am fully feeling it. I am comfortable with my identity now as mother, I have grieved the me of the past and come to feel comfortable and happy as the me I am today. Art though is a big part of my identity and I can not hide from that. This last month I have been filled with inspiration and motivation. I have several sketchbooks open on my desk, I have paintings started, I have been exploring new mediums and I also have a list of ideas for things I can't wait to share with you here on my blog. I feel excited.