Settling In To New Home

So here I am sat writing this post in our new home. I sit looking out of our window at the open fields and grazing horses. I am finally here after years of hoping and wishing to leave the city. Here I am and it feels good.

Moving weekend was both physically and emotionally difficult. There were quite a few moments full of tears and self pity as I sat and wondered why I did indeed decide to relocate while my children are so young. Was this a good idea right now? Really? Parenting duties can't be put on hold while you desperately try and get some things out of boxes in order to think straight and put some dinner on and boy do I need things to not be in boxes so I can mentally function! Nappies still need changing. People still require milk at inconvenient moments. Bed times are still meant to happen. Moving house with two small children is hard!

But here we are. The house is starting to look homely. Boxes still need unpacking but the essentials (and many extras) are out. We have even managed to put up the Christmas tree and a few decorations. I am loving my garden and it's potential. I am loving the fields in front of my house. I am loving the slower pace my life has been forced to take each day. I am loving the views over the hills on our walk into town. I am excited to be here ready to begin refurbishing and decorating - piecing our family home together one room at a time.

To a fresh start, a new home and a happy slow lived life.

Merry Christmas.