Reflecting On March

The spring is finally here! In between the heavy rain we have had this week there has been warm sunshine and clear blues skies. The daffodils are out in full force now lining the roads, the trees are turning beautiful shades of pink and the tulips are just starting to open up their heads. 


Spring is my favorite time of year. I like the bright light and crisp air of winter but the short days eventually wear me down and I feel increasingly lethargic, unmotivated and uninspired. After the new year celebrations, the last of the cold season often feels like an emotional uphill hike. I cling to the promise of longer, brighter days that are just on the other side. 

March has been a good month for me. Perhaps most importantly I have finally managed to instill an early morning wake up routine. I have been rising on my first alarm at 6am to sit, reflect and set intentions for the day, follow a short guided meditation and then settling down to get work done before the children wake. I am finding that this gives me the feeling that I achieved something before the day has really started and this feels very motivating. I am amazed at how easy getting up on the first alarm has become after only a short amount of time. My sleep seems to be improved - I am waking up less in the night. Perhaps most importantly having this time for myself has improved my patience with the children. Self-care in the margins of my day. 

Artistically March has led me to further embrace involving my children in my practice. I have been working on a series of small mother and child collaborative paintings. Fig has been painting the base layers for me to work back into on top. In addition to these I have been continuing to work on several abstracted line paintings although I have been leaning more to the expressive colour elements opposed to any geometric line this month. Finally on my desk there is a selection of in progress, handmade greeting cards ready for my stall at the Belper Arts Trial and for the opening of my shop.  I feel like there are exciting times heading into April. 

This month I have been grateful for:

The daffodils lining all the paths and roads with their pretty sunny heads.

Warm afternoons spent in the garden. 

Hanging washing on the line to dry for the first time this year.

Early and productive mornings.

Kind offers from the people in our community when our washing machine broke down. I had so many messages offering the use of a washing machine and I have made a few new friends in the process.

My Dad being able to fix the washing machine. 

Playing the, "I love your" game with Bear. 

The health of my children after a February filled with illness. 

Homemade rice pudding with jam.

Playing sonic the hedgehog with Bear. A nostalgic trip to my own childhood and lots of fun. 

Eli's happy face when I allowed him to scoot to nursery even though we were running very late. 

My mum and my sister having the children late allowing me to let my hair down and attend a friends wedding. 

Fig's growing vocabulary. Particularly how she adds "mummy" to every mention of milk. It's "mummy milkie," from the fridge and the "mummy milkie way". It is too cute!

Time to paint.

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch and Tara Flores for their inspiring Artist Meets Mother interviews. 


My Intentions For April:

Prepare my work for my stall at the Belper Arts Trial. I have lots to do but I am feeling super excited about this.

Focus on being present for my children.

Continue rising early to start the day with intention.