Reflecting on January

January always feels like a difficult but highly reflective month to me. The excitement of the holiday season is over and the, “it’s a fresh new start” feeling soon fades and is replaced by a longing for more sunlight and warmer weather. I felt so pleased today to see little green stems appearing from the soil. Spring will soon be on its way.

This January has felt particularly reflective. I have set goals and intentions for myself as both a mother and an artist. My word for 2017 is, “growth”. I feel now I am beginning to finally embrace the changes motherhood has brought to my life opposed to resisting them in fear of losing myself completely. I have written lists of attainable actions. I challenge myself moving forward to be more present for my children – to be a more compassionate mother. I challenge myself artistically. I have started several sketchbooks; one for abstract work, one for figurative practice and one for a medium I have not used since school – collage, which I am currently really loving. I have also committed myself to using my camera more capturing an image for each day of this year, little snapshots of my life I know will bring me joy to look back on in the future.


This month I have been grateful for –

The sun shining on the way to playgroup

Fig and her unbearably cute “thank you mummy”

Waffles and syrup for breakfast

Bear walking home from nursery without a battle

Dinners cooking in the slow cooker

Inspiration and ideas

Discovering a shorter route up the big hill

Painting mornings and drawing in evenings

Chilly for his support, love and for building me the website I am hoping to set live soon

A lovely spa day with good friends

Katrina BergStephanie Hock, and Michaela Jean for kindly answering my questions about their experiences as artist mothers.

Long naps with Fig

Breakfast granola

The abundant mama project helping reflect and grow with support and encouragement.

Feeding the ducks

Remembering to be playful

A man picking up our lost new wellie

The sight of the very first flowers appearing.


My Focus for February

Intentional mornings and intentional nights.

This month I have been loving –

The narrative art of Jay Dart

Bear loved these printable farm action cards from Modern Preschool.

Martha Stuart’s pecan cookies.