October Gratitude and November Goals

The beginning of November has arrived and with it the temperature has fallen. The clocks have turned back and the evenings are getting darker earlier.  For me this is a welcomed change. The warm October weather has felt unsettling. It felt strange for the leaves to be falling from the trees and to still be wearing a t-shirt, jumper stuffed into the back of the pushchair.

This is my first autumn away from the city. I am loving the vibrant yellows, reds and burnt oranges. The air feels crisp fresh right now especially in the morning as we leave for nursery. The children have enjoyed playing in the leaves, throwing them in the air laughing and crunching them under foot.

This month I have been grateful for:

Time to paint

Washing drying on the line in between rainy spells

Bears new medication and improving health

Late night conversations with friends

Home made rice pudding

Fig’s first swim

Moving into my art space

Happy memories of missed friends

Visiting the sea for the first time with my children

Organised and folded clothes draws

The beautiful autumn colours

My Goals for the month ahead are:

Practice gratitude daily

Rise early

This month I have been loving –

The abundant mama show. I am currently working through this podcasts archives and drawing so much positivity and inspiration from it.

The beautiful botanical embroidery of Sarah Benning.