November Gratitude December Goals

I used to write gratitude lists inspired by a link up on a blog I follow Wooly moss roots. Taryn posts weekly lists of events she has to be thankful for and then encourages others to sit and reflect on aspects of their life that they are grateful for each day.

I thought it would be nice to pick this up again here - reflecting on my month just past and focusing on my wishes for the month ahead.

Why practice gratitude?

For me personally, allowing myself time to sit and reflect on the parts of my life I feel grateful for enables me to take a step back from my regular emotional responses and encourages me to appreciate even the small things we often take for granted. It improves my day to day mood and draws my attention to the positives in my life opposed to dwelling on the negatives - something I can be all too often guilty of.

This November I have been grateful for:

Baby smiles and giggles.

Crunchy leaves under my feet and beautiful autumnal colours in front my eyes.

Lazy mornings with my boy.

Roasted vegetables filling my plate.

A fun family day out at the national space centre. We had so much fun and Bear loved it. A really recommended day out.

Friends new and old. Good times, laughter and tasty food.

Wrapping up warm for family and fireworks.

Fleeted moments of creativity here and there.

Finally exchanging on our house purchase. Laying down the plans to move away from the city.

Watercolour washes.

Feeling confident for the first time since Bear's birth about my future plans and goals.

My Goals For December:

Enjoy our family break away

Move to our new countryside house

Settle in ready for our first Christmas in our new home

This November I have loved:

Growing Wild Things on Instagram