My own Creative Space At Last

Since moving into our house last December we rarely have had all three bedrooms upstairs accessible let alone usable. Each room in turn has been emptied, painted and then used as storage space while another of the rooms is painted. House renovating with a limited budget and two children under three, it seems, it a long, painful and drawn out process.

Over the last few months I have been painting out of a box on the dining room table or by balancing my paintings on the toy box. This is often practical when caring for the children but it also limits my creativity.  I inevitably get everything around me covered in paint much to my families annoyance.


I have always intended to use the small box room as a studio space and office. We painted the walls white several months ago but it has only really been this week in which the room has become usable as a creative space. Finally we have removed and re-homed enough stuff to be able to move around in there freely.

There is still a lot of tidying to do. Piles of paperwork and random items clutter up many of the shelves still. Iā€™d also like to purchase an easel to work on as well as a small desk and a wheeled trolley for my most used materials.  For now though I am pleased that we finally have three usable rooms upstairs and I have a creative space where it is appropriate to make a mess.