March Gratitude and April Goals

March has been in many ways a month of growth. Spring has arrived. There is blossom on the trees, daffodils in the garden and tulips beginning to open their pretty heads. For me March has been challenging. My anxiety has felt at times particularly high and my mood a consistent low, that being said I feel like March has been a productive month. With it's challenges March has encouraged much needed change and I am leaving the month tired but inspired. I am positive about the month ahead.

Joining in with Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots. Sitting down now while the children sleep to reflect on the month just gone by-

This month I have been grateful for:

Lovely mother's day flowers presented to me by my happily little boy. 

Family walks in the fields finally exploring the area we have moved to.

Wine and laughter with friends.

For Chilly almost finishing our bedroom. One room down lots more to go.

For neighbours giving us two large tractor tires for the garden. I am going to turn one into a sand pit and one into a dinosaur small world habitat. Feeling inspired to create a beautiful outdoor space for our home.

Starting back at work after maternity. I was worried but it has so far been a smooth transition.

My silly boy experimenting with sounds and words.

Painting Mondays - a guaranteed time for me to focus on my art.

My baby beginning to cruise along the furniture. Slow down Fig this is too bitter sweat for Mummy.

For the bus and an unexpected trip. Discovering areas near by for us to play and explore.

For my children's imagination and creativity.

Sunshine in the garden.

Washing blowing on the line.

For generous Easter gifts and for allergy friendly treats. Building happy memories for my boy.

Tasty fruit crumbles.

That my cats can now come and go as they please. It feels good to be able to let them outside to explore.

Hot chocolates distracting me from caffeine.

Finally finishing the spring tulip painting tutorial I have been working on since Christmas.

For health after a period of illness.

My goals for April are -

To continue to organise, declutter and simplify our lives.

To work on a new secret art project. Something for myself that I should have started years ago.

To plant some seeds outside.

To attend the local arts group - something I have been meaning to do since before I moved here and so far haven't due to feeling too shy.

This month I have been loving -

This large plastic mural by Meri Cheri. We have lots of plastic up stairs so I am going to give this a try in the garden one day soon.

The Queen Of Constance Facebook page. Sometimes I just need a bit of refreshing parenting realism and a reminder to feel good about myself.

These lovely illustrations by Dodolulu.