Last Summers Floral Photography

I spent some time yesterday afternoon looking through folders of photos I took last year. I enjoy looking through old photographs, there is something nice about indulging in a small amount of nostalgia from time to time. Not having the option to flick through a loved, bound photo album is, in my opinion, one of the downsides to the digital age but I guess I can make do with clicking through folders on my hard drive when the desire to reminisce arises.

I found I had a lot of time and opportunity to use my camera last summer before I started working full time and I am really looking forward to getting back outside in the sun with my camera this summer now that I have a little bit more free time again.

The floral form is something I personally really enjoy both painting and photographing. I thought I would share with you a selection of my favorite floral photography that I discovered yesterday in my albums from last year. Most of these photos I snapped last summer and have acted as, or probably will act as the starting point for drawings, paintings and illustrations.