Flower Gardens At Arnot Hill

A few weekends ago we decided to take a family trip to a park in the search of ducks, swings and flowers. Arnot Hill park is only a short bus ride away and we had yet to visit so it seemed perfect.

Arnot Hill is a lovely open space ideal for picnicking on a sunny summers day. There is a well maintained duck pond, a children's play area suitable for big kids and toddlers a like and a beautiful flower garden filled with plants just itching to be painted. There is also a little café that sells ice cream, hot drinks and most importantly bird seed to feed the ducks - perfect if, like me, you always end up with a disappointed toddler because you have forgotten to pack duck food.

I had recently read a post over on Mammasaurus that was part of her "photocise" blog series. Inspired by the idea of combining a mindful walk and experimenting with photography I was keen to take some time out from the children to wander off on my own and snap some photos. My plans didn't quite work out the way I hoped - instead I ended up with a toddler in tow and the baby strapped to my chest as we explored the park (it was probably highly optimistic to think that this wouldn't be the case) but even with the small people tag-alongs I still found time to use my camera in between duck feeding, playing and ice cream eating. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.