February Gratitude and March Goals

It has been a quiet week here on my blog. I have felt run down, lacked motivation and in need of sometime to sit and reflect.

I am sat here holding Fig as she sleeps thinking about the month gone by. February has been a busy month. I finally feel like I have adjusted to living away from the city now. The hill to my house is no longer too steep, the train isn’t so daunting and we have found some nice local groups to attend and parks to visit. Our house is slowly turning into our home. The carpets are up and the floor is ready for sanding. We have art on the walls and plans for the garden. I am feeling blessed to have moved here.

On the other hand I have been tired and at times very anxious. I have felt such a huge pull in several directions this past month and have needed to consider my routines and future choices both artistically and personally. As the month ends I feel like I have made some positive decisions to go forward with,

This month I have been grateful for:

Fig’s increased movement. Her attempts to stretch and crawl and her hilarious bum shuffling.

Guidance from friends

Lunch with family. Laughs and silly selfies.

Finding new ways to create with my children. Exploring “invitations to create.” Painting in my sketchbook together. Race car wheel painting. Walking bare foot in paint.

New wellies. A thoughtful anniversary gift and they are so comfy. No more blistered feet.

Quiet nights when Bear is finally in bed.

Our home coming together one job at a time and for Chilly for spending most of his weekends working hard to put our home together.

Washing blowing on the washing line.

For rest and recovery. For remembering to be mindful of my emotional needs.

For a friendly NHS doctor being great with Bear at his allergy check up.

The arrival of my letter from the hand written letter exchange. So lovely to receive a letter in the post.

The time in between getting into bed and falling asleep. The one thing I love about co-sleeping is this time. Precious sleepy cuddles with my toddler Bear.

My goals for the month ahead are:

To paint for the process and to find joy in creating once again.

To continue slowing down and working towards a slow lived life. To remain mindful of my emotional needs.

To encourage daily creativity

This month I have loved:

The Art Pantry – A really inspiring site and kids creative space design business. This website is full of playroom ideas, craft projects and beautiful pictures. I love it!

Olga Prinku on Instagram. Such a fresh, minimal and refreshing feed.