December Gratitude and January Goals

When sitting down to create this months gratitude and goals list I contemplated writing a list for 2015. Now is often the time to sit and reflect on the year just gone by. Instead I think I will keep things simple. A lot can happen in a year. I feel that right now I should focus on the here and now.

This December I have been grateful for:

Family both young and old.

Baby Fig learning how to roll over - something that is bitter sweet, she's growing so fast.

The generosity of others. Bear and Fig were well and truly spoiled for Christmas as was I.

A lovely birthday meal at a great restaurant who were very accommodating to our needs.

Our new home.

The view from our front window.  I love watching the horses in the field and the funny family of ducks.

beautiful week away in the forest, relaxing and enjoying my family.

The bus. The hill home to my house is so big and so steep. I don't think I have ever felt so grateful for the bus before.

The kind, heavily pregnant lady who helped me in town when the wheel on my double pushchair severed off 20 minutes and a huge hill away from home in heavy rain. She sheltered us in her car while we waited for a taxi.

The rare 20 minutes here and there to experiment with me new pens. Moments of creativity I so desperately need.

My goals for January are:

To continue unpacking and working on simplifying our space and routine.


This month I have loved:

The paintings of artist Joshua Flint.

Eleanor Macnair on Instagram. Eleanor makes beautifully creative scenes out of children's play-doh to photograph. Such a brilliant idea. I love it!