A Trip To Whitby

A few weeks ago now we went on a family weekend away to the Yorkshire Coast.

We spent the first day of our trip in Scarborough. We visited the sea life centre (where the penguins definitely stole the show) and then chased each other along the sea front admiring the rainbow coloured beach huts and the seaside air.

There is something so calming about the sea. Its vastness is humbling and its fierce power often overwhelming as it crashes forcefully against anything it meets. I find being in its presence healing, a reminder that despite how big my problems may feel I play only a tiny tiny part on this earth.

After spending the night in a rather eccentrically decorated but very welcoming B & B we visited Whitby the next day before driving home after seaside fish and chips. Fig and Bear seemed to love the sea. Hearing Bears excited squeals as he ran away from incoming waves reminded me of happy moments from my own childhood. I feel grateful to be given the opportunity to recreate those memories with my own children.