A Life Update

It has been several months since I last wrote for my blog. I took a needed break from blogging to slow down, gain some focus and reflect on the directions in which I am leading my life. I was spreading myself far too thinly before. I was drained and felt like I was achieving very little both as an artist and as a mother. Balancing the two can be so changeling but cutting down and taking some rest has been very beneficial for both me and the children. Now I feel less like I am drowning in it all and I have more patience to give. There is more room to grow now.

September is a month of big changes and now perhaps it feels like the right time to come back to my blog both refreshed and focused. Bear started nursery last week and Fig is now joining him for two mornings giving me dedicated painting time each week. I have been looking forward to having this time for so long, now it is here however, I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for leaving them while they learn to adapt and settle in to our new routines and changes. Drop off this morning went an awful lot better then last week. Fingers crossed it will get easier soon.

Over these last few months I have been reflecting on my practice and how I wish to grow as an artist. Gradually over the next year I aim to refine my style and improve my practice building a cohesive collection of work.  I have a new website and blog under construction and a online shop to be launched when the time feels right.

My work recently has focused on the juxtaposition of raw emotion and controlled thought.  Geometric shapes and lines among expressive strokes and washes build up my work - a reflection perhaps of my feelings towards my life as a mother artist right now, trying to take some mindful control in the chaos that is raising children and building our family home together. Much of my work is becoming increasingly simplified perhaps again a mirror of my personal life. My whole life I have rushed to the end goal but right now I feel like I am finally building some foundations.


For those following me on Instagram you may be aware I recently started a project supporting artist mothers. Artist meets mother. At the minute this project is consisting of an Instagram feed and hashtag but in the longer term I would like it to extend to interviews, exhibitions and a supportive community. If you are an artist mother come join in with us with #artistmeetsmother.