Watercolour Apple Prints

Things are all kinds of hectic at our house right now. For those that read my blog regularly you will probably know that we are in the process of buying our first house and relocating from the city to the countryside. It's a big move with so much to do, so much to sort through and pack and quite a heavy emotional toll. There has been delay after delay which has increased the stress. We are so ready to move now and hopefully we will be doing so in about 3 weeks. Fingers crossed!

Due to the relocating I have been sorting through all our stuff attempting to minimise it and then pack it. Wow! If you are anything like me it is shocking just how much useless stuff you stash just in case it might happen to come in handy one day. I have chucked and given away bin bag after bin bag and there still so much to sort through. We are currently increasingly living out of boxes with half our stuff already packed and ready to go. Not fun really. I can't find anything I need ever. It's a nightmare.

Due to half our stuff being packed away and our huge workload I am looking towards minimal equipment activities for the Toddler Bear. Last week he said he wanted to do some painting so I reached for the watercolours not the poster paints to lesson the mess.  There were some apples sat in the fruit bowel in front of us that were beginning to turn for the worst. I thought it would be fun to see if we could make some watercolour apple prints.


  • Apples cut in half

  • A set of watercolour paints

  • A paint Brush

  • Some Water

  • Paper


Step One: Take your halved apples and cover the cut surface with your chosen watercolour paint. Don't be shy with the paint here. The more paint on the apple the better!

Step Two: Put your apple paint side down and press firmly. Lift away the apple to reveal your print.

Step Three: Repeat all over the page to make a pattern

Here are Bear's finished prints. The apple absorbed a lot of the watercolour so the prints came out quite light and delicate looking and the apple shape isn't overly defined. I quite like this, it gives the prints a fresh and airy feel. If you would prefer something bolder and you are not currently living out of boxes you could repeat this process using acrylic or poster paint. You could also try this activity with other fruits and vegetables for interesting shapes and effects.

Give it a try! I would love to see your finished pictures. Tweet them too me @jmpartmama.


What do you think? Which fruit or vegetables do you think would make effective prints?

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