Walking In Paint

On Wednesday morning we had plans to wrap up warm and spend the day at the local park. We were disappointed to find when we woke up that the rain was pouring down heavy. Going out didn't really feel that appealing anymore. Stuck in I decided to get out the tuff tray and some paints and get creative instead. Bear had really enjoyed attending a messy play playgroup a few days earlier so I wanted to include a sensory element to the activity. Why not just get walking in paint I thought? Simple, sensory and lots of fun!  I guess I was also feeling particularly brave that morning because I was completely up for embracing the mess and dealing with the clean up afterwards.

I got out the tuff tray and covered it in paper with some paint on the side for Bear to stand in. He was very unsure at first, I think maybe he thought he would get told off for standing in the paint, I am sure, "Don't stand in the paint," is something that has come out of my mouth on a few occasions. Once I convinced him that it was OK and he really could get messy if he wanted to, he loved it. He was squishing his toes in the paint and telling me how it felt and was fascinated with the footprints his paint covered feet were leaving behind. We stomped around the page like dinosaurs then tiptoed like a mouse. We moved quickly across the paper then very very slowly. We even did a bit of dancing.

To my surprise there was actually quite limited mess. Only one foot print on the floor which easily wiped off. I think with messy activities like this it is important to be prepared.  I kept a bowel of water, soap and a towel next to the activity so I could scoop him up when he was done to wash his feet.

Bear had so much fun he was still talking about making footprints at bed time. We will definitely be walking in paint again soon.

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