Simple Shape Collages

In need of a quick activity to occupy the children whilst I was cooking dinner last week, I cut up some coloured card into a selection of small and large shapes and left them out on the table alongside some PVA, paper and, (at Bears request,) the new glitter glue as an invitation for the children to create.

The shapes caught their attention quickly. Fig really enjoyed spreading and dripping the glue around her paper whilst Bear was more interested in the glitter, “Look it is so sparkly Mummy.” This art activity was really easy to set up at the last minute, is suitable for all ages and lots of fun.

Materials you will need:

Coloured Paper
PVA glue
Glitter glue (optional)


Fig thought it was best to try and stick all the shapes down on her paper at once.


Here are their finished simple shape collages

If you are looking for more children’s shape collage ideas here are a few that we have loved recently:

A lovely craft combining texture and maths from The Nurture Store.

For older children starting to write their name, here is a fun shape name collage idea from Splish Splash Splatter.

An inspiring shape flower garden invitation to create from Cutting Tiny Bites. I really love this one.

If your children are ready to cut their own shapes, here is a great Matisse inspired shape collage activity from Pink Stripey Socks.

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