Race Car Wheel Painting

Recently Bear has seemed fairly disinterested in art and craft activities. If I can convince him to sit down and give something a try he usually wonders off within a few minutes. He would rather be building his train tracks or making monster truck jumps. Bear is obsessed with transport. Trains, monster trucks, tractors, cars. If it has wheels he loves it.

I wanted to find an art activity that we could do together that would hopefully hold his interest so I combined painting with his favorite things. Race car wheel painting. It was a big hit! Bear loved it and we spent most of the morning racing our wheels across the paper and dragging paint around. I set the activity up in the tuff tray to try and contain the mess but we still ended up with paint all over the floor, the chair and our clothes. This is messy but definitely so worth it.

You could use any toy vehicle in this activity. Bear wanted to use race cars, instead I suggested a set of cheap emergency vehicles and we pretended that they were super fast race cars instead.  Bear is quite precious about all of his toy cars, they all have names and each day we need to know exactly where each one is or we risk toddler melt down. I didn't want to ruin any of them with the paint. I did see this fun looking DIY Toy car wash activity this morning though. Perhaps next time we do a race car wheel painting we may risk using some of the bigger cars and then giving them a good wash together in our home made car wash afterwards.

So here it is. Our finished race car wheel painting.



  • Toy cars or other wheeled vehicles.

  • A large piece of paper

  • Non-toxic child friendly paints

  • News paper, plastic or a tuff tray to contain the mess


Step One - Take your toy cars and dip or drag them through the paint. Race your cars along the paper leaving paint track marks where ever you drive. That's it. These paintings are so easy and so much fun to make. We were zooming them along the page, parking them, crashing them.

What marks can your child make? What colours can they mix together? Can they make shapes or letters with the tracks?

How did you get on? I would love to see your race car wheel paintings. Tweet them to me @jmpartmama

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