Odds and Ends Suncatcher

If you are anything like me your craft box is always full of random odds and ends from previous craft projects and activities. All these leftovers take up space and never get used but you just can't throw them out because you are sure that at some point they will come in handy.

I am trying to keep our clutter to a minimum recently hoping to have a more minimal household when we move house this year. If left up to me I would probably have shelves and shelves of craft materials just waiting for that perfect project but I have committed myself to just having one box for a more clutter free life. If I want to buy something new then it must fit in the box. This means using up all those leftovers.

This easy suncatcher looks great, is ideal for toddlers and gives you an opportunity to use up all those odds and ends that are lying around in your craft box. Perfect.


  • A3 coloured card 

  • Scissors 

  • Transparent sticky back plastic/contact paper 

  • A selection of odds and ends (we used some tissue paper, sequins, confetti, feathers, ribbon , a cut out flower and some flowers from the garden)


Step one: Fold the card in half then cut out a rectangle in the middle to create a frame.

Step two: Roll out and cut the sticky back plastic to size so the plastic fills the rectangle in the middle of your card. Don't forget to leave a little extra so the plastic firmly sticks to the card.


Step three: Stick the plastic neatly down one end of the inner rectangle. Slowly peel off the protective backing sticking the plastic along the edges until it covers the frame. Turn the card over. You now have your sticky surface ready for all the fun to begin.

Step four: Let your toddler stick down different materials onto the plastic.

Bear loved this activity. It kept him occupied for over an hour. He particularly liked the heart confetti which he placed down individually until there was over a hundred hearts on the plastic. By the time we were finished we had a variety of materials in the frame including several feathers, sequins and torn up tissue paper.


Step five: Once your child has finished, neatly stick another piece of sticky back plastic down along the frame to seal in your odds and ends and to stop anything else accidentally attaching itself  to the plastic.


Step Six: Attach to a window that gets plenty of sunshine.

The sun shines through the plastic and bounces off of the odds and ends creating a beautiful summery shimmery effect. Bear seems pleased with his suncatcher, he regularly points out his artwork and I think it makes a pretty addition to our otherwise boring dining room window. What do you think?