Invitations To Create : March

Inspired by the fabulous "invitation to create" ideas over at The Art Pantry, this month I have been leaving a selection of creative materials out each day for Bear to discover and explore. These have been a big success.

Each morning I have been setting up the tuff tray in a separate room whilst Bear eats his breakfast leaving it there ready for him to show interest in later in the day if he wishes. Depending on his mood his engagement with these art prompts varies. Some times he shows very little interest, picks up a brush, wets the paper then walks away. Occasionally he has refused to interact with the materials altogether preferring instead to play with his monster trucks and planes but on most days the tray has inspired his creativity and held his interest. We have sat together painting, sculpting and building with the materials left out for him. The tray has often occupied him independently enough for me to sit at the table near by and work on my own artistic projects. Embracing the use of these art prompts has definitely had a positive effect on our daily routine and increased our creativity as a family. I really recommend giving them a try.

What is an invitation to create?

An invitation to create is set of artistic materials laid out in a purposeful and intriguing way to act as a prompt to be creative. The idea is to set up your invitation when your child is our of the room so they can discover the materials themselves and be inspired.


Invitations to create we have loved in March - 

Play-dough with straws and pasta shapes for threading.

Cut out paper clothes, glue, mannequin shapes and pipe cleaners.

Feathers, glitter glue and watercolours.

A toilet roll, paper, glue and spaghetti.

Paint, bubble wrap, brushes and a potato masher.

Invitations to create we have been inspired by -  

Painting on textures by Fantastic Fun and Learning. Art meets sensory play.

This invitation to create cupcake factory from Cutting Tiny Bites.

Painting with kitchen utensils by Clare's Little Tots.