Bubble Wrap Printing

I feel like I am drowning in packaging right now. The more boxes I unpack the more packing materials I have to dispose of (along side more stuff I need to find a place for, seriously why do I hoard so much? My life is long over due a good declutter!)

The one good thing about having surplus amounts of packaging however is that there is plenty of materials for crafting just lying around. We have cardbored, tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper, newspaper. So much creative possibility generated by moving house.

Bubble wrap printing is a big hit here in our house. It's the right amount of messy, super easy and highly effective. I love the simple circular prints that it makes and Bear seems to enjoy the painting and printing process.



  • Bubble wrap

  • Scissors

  • A selection of non-toxic paints

  • Brushes

  • Paper


Step One: Cut your bubble wrap into small rectangles about the size of your paper. Paint all over the textured side.


If you like you could paint a design onto your bubble wrap.


Step Two: Once you are ready take your paper and press it firmly down on top of the paint.

Here are our finished prints. I love these. There is something incredibly satisfying about pealing the paper back revealing the art underneath.

Once your bubble wrap prints have dried they are ready to go on your wall. Alternatively you could cut the prints into shapes to use as decorations or for use on collages. I love this bubble wrap fish mobile from the imagination tree as an example.  The circular patterns make great texture for animal skin and scales.

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