Balloon Printing

It was Toddler Bear's birthday last month. Due to being on a tight budget this year we decided to have a simple family tea party at home to celebrate opposed to anything too fancy. We had sandwiches, jelly, party hats, a cake and of course lots and lots of balloons.

Bear found the balloons highly entertaining for a couple of weeks but began to loose interest once they started to shrivel. Instead of chucking them straight into the dustbin I thought it would be nice to create some art with them first.

This balloon printing activity is really simple and really fun. Just remember to put a sheet down if you have nice floors. This activity is definitely about embracing the inevitable mess.

Materials you will need:

A selection of coloured poster paints (non-toxic)
A big sheet of white paper (we used A1 sized)
One or two balloons or more

Step One: Pour out a selection of different coloured paints onto a palette, paper plate or spare piece of paper.

Step Two: Dip the balloons into the paint and press down on the white paper to create a print.

You can experiment with different marks here. Dipping a whole side of the balloon into the paint creates a lovely circular print. You can make small splatter patterns with edges of the balloons. Bear wanted to dip the balloons in all of the different paints at the same time. If your child is older you could use different balloons for different colours giving them more control over the shades on their page.

Step Three: Experiment, play and be creative.

What happens if you swipe the paint across the page with the balloons? What will happen if you bounce the balloons off of the page? Can you make individual printed circles?

Bear loved this activity. It has the perfect combination between messy sensory play, energy, creativity and balloons. He seemed to enjoy pouring out the paint ready to dip the balloons into and making marks on the page. He loved clean up time even more, running round the house, laughing hysterically while I chased after him, panic stricken armed with wet wipes.


Here is the finished piece ready to hang on the wall. If your child/toddler has had fun making a balloon print painting I would love to see their finished creations.


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