Duplo Printing

Recently when playing with my toddler and his Duplo blocks, building trees, (because I always end up building trees), it occurred to me that the bricks would make interesting items for my son to print with. I thought he would enjoy experimenting with the marks he could make with an item that wasn't his usual brush.

Building blocks come in different sizes, some square, some rectangle, some really thin and long, and depending on the brand of block sometimes they have open holes on top, some are closed, some have 10 holes, others have 2. They are easy for small hands to grip and every child has some lying around somewhere. Perfect printing objects.


Non toxic poster paint

Paint palette (or a piece of paper if you are like me and can't find your palette)

Paper to print onto

A selection of Duplo bricks (or lego, or megablocks or similar)

I set the paints up with a block that was the same colour as the paint (except for purple as we have no white blocks) to sneak a bit of colour recognition in with the art activity (and more so to satisfy some inner urge I had for neatness) but really you could use any blocks with any paints, they all get mixed together anyway if your toddler is anything like mine.


Bear seemed to really enjoy this activity. We sat and experimented with the different shapes he could make on the paper. He squished the paint between his hands. He printed. He scraped. He splattered. Our prints started off neat and by the time he had got bored of the activity he was dragging the paint along the page with the blocks and using the blocks like a paintbrush.


Here are our finished pictures ready to stick on the wall (or fridge) once they are dry. I like the different patterns that the blocks have made alongside the variety in paint thickness and print width.

A successful creative activity and one we will definitely be doing again.