Hello I am Jenna. I am a 31 year old artist and mother of three living in the UK. I spend my days painting and raising my children in the Derbyshrie countryside where we set up home just over a year ago. I am grateful for having a family who support and encourage me in my pursuit of art and who inspire my practice. 

I create works in mixed media mostly in acrylic, pastel and wool. I am inspired by the world around me - particularly floral and natural forms and their relationship with the man-made structures among them. Being a mother is a significant part of my identity and therefore motherhood directly influences my practice. I feel inspired by the care-free, creating for the process approach my children take towards mark-making. Art to them is all about the now - the finished piece is not as important to them. I try to consider this when painting. I encourage creativity in my children as much as possible and frequently include them in my process allowing them to paint directly onto my paintings if they wish or to work alongside me on their own works.

Recently my work has focused on the juxtaposition of raw emotion and controlled thought. Geometric lines sit among expressive and emotive mark making and colour washes representing my experience of being a mother artist - constantly trying to scrabble together some routine and control in an ongoing battle to balance motherhood, building our life together as a family, my art, my emotions and anxieties.  

Much of my work is created like an extended automatic doodle. Often using photographs of my family, home or surroundings as a reference I start by making an initial compositional sketch before then applying the colour and pattern allowing my hands to create marks and scribble that seem to express my thoughts and feelings at that time. When I paint I feel free from my worries. Creating art is for me so intrinsically tied into my core being that I need to paint to remain healthy. I have a keen interest in using art as a therapy to aid healing and encourage emotional well-being and I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to express themselves creatively if given a bit of encouragement.

My blog shares my artistic practice alongside the art of other mother, artists that inspire me, creative tutorials for both adults and children and documents my creative and increasingly slow lived life.

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Artist Meets Mother

Artist meets mother started as an Instagram feed I began curating to share the work of other artist mothers I admired. It is a project that has since grown into a series of interviews detailing the experience of artist mothers and the effect motherhood has on creativity. I have hope to expand on this further in the future with group exhibitions and possible workshops for mothers.

For me the projects name represents the two parts of my identity - the artist and the mother and their relationship with each other. A relationship that is at times a loving friendship and at other times filled with conflict.

If you would like to be considered for an Artist Meets Mother interview, please email me including a link to where I can view your work. I am also interested in featuring guest posts from artist mothers who wish to share with my readers their experiences, practice and studio spaces. If this is something that interests you please submit proposals to my email. I would love work with you and hear your ideas. 

Please join in with us and help our supportive community grow by tagging your Instagram images to #artistmeetsmother